Insights from the Cybersecurity Market

Le Groupe ATEMPO.WOOXO accélère sa politique d’achats de solutions souveraines et noue un partenariat technologique avec TrustInSoft pour renforcer sa politique Security by Design

Paris, le 18 Novembre 2020 – Le Groupe Atempo.Wooxo, leader européen des solutions de protection du patrimoine numérique professionnel avec une présence internationale, annonce un partenariat avec TrustInSoft pour renforcer la fiabilité de ses codes sources et conforter le niveau de sécurité de ses logiciels. Face à la recrudescence de cyberattaques toujours plus complexes, l’éditeur spécialisé dans la protection du patrimoine numérique professionnel, a la volonté d’améliorer constamment ses solutions. Pour y parvenir, l’éditeur a

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Beyond the x86_64: developing for embedded systems without development boards

Beyond the x86_64: developing for embedded systems without development boards Introduction In embedded software development, one of the first decisions made even before application development is the choice of a hardware platform, which due to its respective constraints and capabilities, can define functionalities of the embedded system once development has begun.  To maintain flexibility so that the software developed for the embedded system will function correctly in a world that is always updating, it can

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What are the software security implications of 5G?

Thierry Bonhomme is a renowned expert in the telecommunications industry, having served for over 30 years at Orange Group including most recently as CEO of their B2B branch until 2018 (Orange Business Services.) He was in charge of the development of the division that provides telecommunications and IT services around the world, and also held leadership roles related to research and development. He holds an engineering degree from the Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Nationale Supérieure

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The Wireshark Challenge: how to ensure the security of open-source projects with formal methods?

Open-source software is a foundational element of our technological world today. WordPress, Linux, OpenSSL, or Nginx are just some examples of widely-used open-source programs. The large community of developers regularly contributes to the functionalities and security of these programs, libraries, or frameworks, making them more complete and robust. Thanks to this level of robustness and high security, the industrial world also benefits from open-source tools, even in mission-critical environments. The Challenge: providing the strongest possible

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GCC always assumes aligned pointer accesses

TL;DR This post shows that modern optimizing C compilers assume that the source code they are compiling respects memory alignment constraints, even if the target architecture imposes no such restriction. This can lead to compiled programs not behaving as the programmer intended. C: The Language Formerly Known as Portable Assembly Some people will tell you that C is a portable assembly language, in which each line of source code is individually translated into one or

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Press Release

Paris, February 20th 2020 PRESS RELEASE TrustInSoft cancels participation at the Embedded World 2020 Show in Nuremberg Because health and well-being comes always first at TrustInSoft, Fabrice Derepas (co-founder and CEO at TrustInSoft) and Benjamin Monate (co-founder and CTO at TrustInSoft) made the prudent decision to cancel its employees’ participation to the Embedded World Show, in Nuremberg, from February 25th to February 27th 2020 due to the COVID-19 risk exposure. This decision was made after closely

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TrustInSoft raises €5M to push into the self-driving car and IoT markets

Through its Brienne III cybersecurity fund –first of it’s kind in France– ACE Management leads this round followed by TrustInSoft’s longstanding shareholders, Idinvest Partners and business angels. Paris, 4 November 2019 – TrustInSoft, a cybersecurity software publisher whose technology provides software code reliability and security, based on mathematical proof, announces a new round of €5M led by ACE Management, the European leader for private equity investment in cybersecurity. Building on its success in France and the

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Meet TrustInSoft at Frama-C & SPARK Day 2019

TrustInSoft is honored to take part in the Frama-C and SPARK day, co-organized with Adacore, CEA List and Inria. The event takes place in Paris on June 3rd as part of  Open Source Innovation Spring initiated by the thematic group `Logiciel libre’ of the cluster Systematic-Paris-Region and IRILL (`Initiative de Recherche et Innovation sur le Logiciel Libre’). This one-day workshop is dedicated to researchers and engineers of the environment of Frama-C and SPARK tools, implemented

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