Embedded World 2024 Recap

TrustInSoft launched TrustInSoft Analyzer 1.47 including new ease of use and enhanced report features at Embedded World 2024

TrustInSoft booth 4-340 at Embedded World 2024

Zero Bug Software at Embedded World 2024

TrustInSoft exhibited at booth 4-340 in the latest exciting edition of Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany. TrustInSoft Analyzer promises mathematically guaranteed software safety and security for embedded systems with its sound static analysis tool for C/C++. 

TrustInSoft's highlights at Embedded World

  1. New feature launch: Introducing TrustInSoft 1.47
  2. Security Panel with Embedded Computing Design 
  3. Imagination Theatre guest presentation
  4. Executive Interview with Richard Nass

Watch the interview with Embedded Computing Design’s Richard Nass live from Embedded World 2024 to find out how TrustInSoft can help deliver zero bug software for embedded software.


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