Announcing TrustInSoft Analyzer 1.47: Elevating Software Development to New Heights

 Streamline your workflow, ensure compliance, and provide the insights you need for successful project outcomes.

TrustInSoft Analyzer V.147

Elevating Software Development to New Heights

In the fast-evolving world of software development, efficiency, reliability, and compliance are not just goals—they are necessities. TrustInSoft is at the forefront of ensuring that businesses achieve these essentials through the power of exhaustive static analysis. TrustInSoft Analyzer 1.47 introduces new enhancements designed to significantly elevate productivity, ensure adherence to key industry standards, and provide in-depth insights for software development projects.

Key Points:

  • Enhanced Usability with TrustInSoft Project Manager: Streamline your workflow for increased productivity and smoother project navigation.
  • Standards Testing Automation: Automate code analysis for the AUTOSAR standard and validate CERT C compliance with ease.
  • Test Coverage and Trend Reporting: Gain comprehensive insights into your code analysis coverage and project trends, enhancing decision-making and project outcomes.

The launch of TrustInSoft Analyzer 1.47 marks a pivotal moment for software developers, quality assurance teams, and project managers. This version not only simplifies complex tasks but also ensures that your projects align with industry standards, such as AUTOSAR for the automotive sector and CERT C for security-critical applications. Let’s delve deeper into the enhancements that make version 1.47 a game-changer in the realm of software analysis.

TrustInSoft Project Manager: A Paradigm of Enhanced Usability

Understanding the importance of immediate productivity in software development, the new TrustInSoft Project Manager feature revolutionizes project navigation and management. This enhancement allows users to effortlessly handle complex analysis projects, leading to a more efficient analysis process and faster delivery of high-quality software.

Standards Testing Automation: AUTOSAR code analysis and CERT C enhanced reporting

In the rigorous world of software development, compliance with industry standards is paramount. TrustInSoft Analyzer 1.47 automates the code analysis process for , significantly reducing manual efforts and accelerating the delivery of automotive software projects by generating the necessary header files, function stubs, analysis drivers, and analysis configuration parameters. Furthermore, enhanced reporting for the  rd ensures your software not only complies with but excels in meeting the highest security and quality standards with one-click reporting.

Test Coverage and Trend Reporting: Insightful Analysis for Informed Decision Making

The introduction of Input Coverage Metrics and the ability to compare analysis runs with trend reporting offer unparalleled insights into the quality and progress of your software projects. These features empower you to identify untested paths, track improvements, and make informed decisions, guiding your project to success with confidence.

TrustInSoft Analyzer 1.47 is not just an update; it’s a transformation tool that is helping our customers propel software development into a new era of efficiency, compliance, and quality. By harnessing these enhancements, businesses can navigate the complexities of software development with greater ease and assurance, ensuring their projects not only meet, but exceed industry standards and expectations.

Schedule a demo today and discover how the latest enhancements can streamline your workflow, ensure compliance, and provide the insights you need for successful project outcomes.


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