TrustInSoft Analyzer: the most advanced C and C++ source code analyzer

Combining the benefits of static and dynamic source code analysis to deliver the most advanced & exhaustive code verification tool.

Not your usual static analysis tool

Mathematically prove C and C++ source code quality and maximize code safety and security with TrustInSoft Analyzer.


TrustInSoft Analyzer was the first in the world to meet the SATE V Ockham criteria of the NIST for exhaustivity and soundness.

Find all undefined behaviors

TrustInSoft Analyzer identifies all bugs, meaning no false negatives. The analysis begins with no false positives, meaning each bug found is a true bug that needs to be corrected.

Exhaustive test coverage

TrustInSoft Analyzer boosts the coverage of your tests by generalizing inputs, allowing you to test the superset of possible values for an exhaustive coverage of your code.

Mathematically proves software safety and security

TrustInSoft Analyzer uses a series of formal methods to mathematically model your code, allowing you to obtain a mathematical proof that there are no bugs left once all issues detected by TrustInSoft Analyzer are corrected.

Key figures

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Less time spent detecting bugs
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Decrease in code verfication time
Bugs remaining after correction

Designed for the security and safety-minded developer and tester

A Step-by-Step Approach

With our progressive methodology, any developer or tester can use TrustInSoft Analyzer. An analysis can be broken down into 3 steps:


Supercharging existing test suites to detect more bugs by exhaustively detecting undefined behavior on execution paths covered in the test suites.


Generalizing test suites to greatly increase the code coverage in no time.


Checking functional implementation to ensure program behaviors are compliant with their specifications

See TrustInSoft Analyzer in action

Check out this demo video of TrustInSoft Analyzer on popular open-source software Wireshark. TrustInSoft Analyzer identified a series of undefined behaviors that had been left undetected in the code for years before this analysis, which have since been corrected.

How can TrustInSoft Analyzer make a difference in your software safety and security?

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