Transform Your Code's Security

TrustInSoft Analyzer boosts test coverage and speed in achieving up to 100% code coverage ensuring software quality, robustness, security, and safety. 

Trusted by the world’s most regulated Critical, Automotive, Telecoms, IoT, and Semiconductor industries.

How to Find C/C++ Code Vulnerabilities

TrustInSoft Analyzer eliminates code uncertainties, enhancing your software’s safety and robustness efficiently. 

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Boost Analysis Coverage

Maximize your code analysis scope with our exhaustive testing. TrustInSoft ensures complete, undeniable safety. 

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Enhance Development Efficiency

Streamline your workflow with our Analyzer. Reduce debugging time and increase productivity seamlessly. 

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Accelerate Standards Testing

TrustInSoft simplifies code analysis processes for ISO 26262, ISO 21434, DO-178C, AUTOSAR, CERT-C and many other standards.

Detect Autonomous Technology Software Bugs

Using TrustInSoft Analyzer, automotive companies like EasyMile have significantly enhanced the safety and reliability of their autonomous vehicles.  


By mathematically guaranteeing the absence of undefined behaviors and vulnerabilities, our tool ensures the highest level of security for critical embedded software, thus paving the way for safer autonomous transportation solutions. 

Enhance IOT and Smart Device Security

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In the competitive consumer electronics market, ensuring product integrity is key. TrustInSoft Analyzer has been instrumental in the largest consumer electronic companies in identifying and fixing hundreds of potential security flaws, thereby protecting consumer data and reinforcing brand trust.  


Our exhaustive static analysis provides a concrete foundation for building secure and reliable IoT and smart devices. 

Streamline Compliance and Certification Processes

Navigating through compliance and certification requirements can be challenging. TrustInSoft Analyzer has been proven to cut down verification efforts and costs dramatically. 


By automating and enhancing the verification process, our tool not only reduces time to market but also ensures that software meets the stringent standards required by international regulatory bodies. 

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Not Your Average Static Analyzer

Less time spent detecting bugs
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Decrease in code verfication time
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Bugs remaining after correction

Using Exhaustive Static Analysis to Deliver Bug Free Software

Mitsubishi Ensures Embedded Software Safety

TrustInSoft Analyzer, Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe (MERCE) was able to take software verification to the next level relating to energy, environment, and communications technologies. 

Detected undefined behaviors other analyzers missed.

Guaranteed code correctness.

“TrustInSoft provided to us not only the right tool powered by Formal Methods, which gave use the correctness guarantee level we needed, but also an outstanding hyper-reactive support that allowed MERCE to Get the Job Done.”


David Mentré, Research Manager, MERCE 

eSOL Provides Evidence for Safety Certification

TrustInSoft saves us a huge amount of effort to reach functional safety certification or security proof, or just getting their software to market faster.”

Rolland Dudemaine, VP of Engineering, eSOL 

eSOL, a global leader in embedded systems and edge computing needed to ensure the quality, safety and security of their software by demonstrating that their software is valid for all combinations.

Testing certification effort reduced.

Guaranteed proof of software safety and security. 

See TrustInSoft Analyzer in action

TrustInSoft Analyzer identifying a series of undefined behaviors left in Wireshark for many years before this analysis.

Static analysis tool-visual GUI of TrustInSoft Analyzer version 1.44
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