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Beyond Software Security & Safety

The need for a safe, secure product has never before been as pronounced as it is today by not only customers but also regulators. It can be challenging for development teams to demonstrate the greater security and safety of their software while balancing the need for the company to capitalize on time to market sensitive opportunities.

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Demands for greater safety & security

Rising cyberattacks and new technologies have raised the demand for safer, more secure products.

Strict industry standards

Complying with increasingly stringent industry standards requires adapted software development practices for greater security and safety.

Time to Market

Software developers must also release software and updates quickly to keep up with demand and revenue opportunities.

The All-in-One Solution

Luckily, a solution exists to help you take charge of these challenges and generate revenue opportunities.  Meet TrustInSoft Analyzer.

TrustInSoft Analyzer helps you generate revenue opportunities for your product based on its proven security and safety.

Position safety & security as a feature

Gain market share by showcasing your software’s proven security and safety as a unique differentiator for your customers

Achieve compliance with industry standards

Get the certification level you need and facilitate customer validation of your product

Secure Time to Market sensitive opportunities

TrustInSoft Analyzer enables you to reach a higher confidence level in your software, and to avoid continually testing code once it is proven, so you can release software quicker to capitalize on Time to Market sensitive opportunities.

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Mathematically prove C and C++ code quality and maximize code safety and security with TrustInSoft Analyzer.

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