Critical Industries

Exhaustive verification for easier software validation

Industry Overview

The critical industries, such as  the aeronautic, nuclear/energy, space and defense industries, have pioneered  the definition of strict processes to ensure high safety levels given the nature of their operations. This rigor is applied in the development and validation processes for the embedded software that modern aircraft, nuclear plants, and defense equipment increasingly depend on, in order to avoid safety issues.

Today more than ever, increased connectivity between multiple information systems is quickly changing the critical domains and drive the requirements to secure equipment not only from a safety point of view but also from a cybersecurity point of view.

Challenges encountered in this sector

The critical sector is facing more and more software volume and complexity as well as strict safety regulations to keep human lives safe.  Today more than ever, software development teams in critical industries need innovative solutions to stay on top of these challenges.

Growing software volume and complexity

As software is growing in complexity and criticality, it is more than ever essential to ensure robustness against cyberthreats and defects that could incur safety issues.

Strict regulations

There are demanding regulations that critical industries must comply with, to demonstrate the safety and security of their software.

Human lives at risk

Critical industries do not only provide indispensable services, but they also need to protect human lives and keep them safe. Software code defects are a risk to human life in the context of critical industry software.

TrustInSoft Analyzer mathematically proves the absence of bugs in critical software

Smooth the norm compliance and customers validation processes

TrustInSoft Analyzer makes it easier to achieve compliance with norms such as DO-178C, DO-333, ED-216, ED-12C, and more.  TrustInSoft Analyzer also facilitates the software security validation processes of demanding customers and prevents having multiple iterations. By verifying the absence of undefined behaviors in the source code, TrustInSoft Analyzer can help achieve objectives for software of any safety and/or security criticality level.

Exhaustively detect bugs for greater software safety

TrustInSoft Analyzer allows for exhaustive bug detection to ensure aircraft, nuclear plants, and defense equipment are failure-free, protecting human lives. TrustInSoft Analyzer, thanks to its exhaustive, mathematical approach to discovering undefined behaviors, detects bugs that traditional testing and classic static analysis methods simply cannot identify.

Reduce cost and drive efficiency

TrustInSoft Analyzer can reduce verification and validation costs by 4x, optimizing development teams’ efficiency even when faced with increasing software complexity.

Verifying source code by static analysis, in complement to our collaboration with traditional dynamic analyses, is one of the promising means to build even more trustworthy applications. It is expected to increase confidence and resilience, and reduce total development cost by lowering the rework, during further development phases.

Bruno Stoufflet
CTO, Dassault Aviation

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