TrustInSoft AUTOSAR Integration Enhancements

TrustInSoft integrates AUTOSAR standards and formal methods to enhance software reliability, reduce development time and costs, making it a vital partner in the evolving automotive industry landscape.

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Key Points:

  • Enhanced AUTOSAR Integration: Simplify AUTOSAR development by automatically processing ARXML files, generating analysis assets, and feeding them directly to the analyzer. 
  • Proven Reliability and Safety: Learn how TrustInSoft guarantees zero-bug software with formal methods.  
  • Watch the Full Demonstration: Discover the full capabilities of TrustInSoft’s AUTOSAR features through our demonstration of testing an application that computes fuel economy.  

The automotive software landscape is undergoing a monumental shift, where precision and reliability are paramount. TrustInSoft is at the forefront of this transition, offering significant enhancements to its AUTOSAR integration capabilities that redefine software development standards in the automotive industry. 

AUTOSAR Integration for Robust Software Development

AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) serves as a critical standard for automotive software architecture. TrustInSoft Analyzer latest enhancements in AUTOSAR integration ensure that automotive developers can leverage formal methods to achieve error-free software, which is crucial for both safety and functionality. The enhanced integration supports a wide array of AUTOSAR software modules, ensuring compliance and facilitating smoother development cycles with reduced error rates. 

Software Safety and Security Guarantees

With an ever-increasing emphasis on safety and security in automotive software, TrustInSoft has set a new benchmark. The enhancements include exhaustive static analysis capabilities that rigorously verify and validate each line of code against potential vulnerabilities. This not only ensures adherence to stringent industry standards like ISO 26262 for functional safety and ISO 21434 for cybersecurity but also provides automotive companies with the confidence to claim zero-bug software. 

Watch the demonstration of TrustInSoft Analyzer AUTOSAR integration to test for any undefined behaviors for an application used to compute fuel economy for a vehicle where accuracy, reliability and efficiency are paramount. 

By integrating with AUTOSAR standards and harnessing the power of formal methods, TrustInSoft not only enhances software reliability but also significantly reduces development times and costs. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, TrustInSoft remains a crucial partner in navigating its complexities with unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions. 

Request a demo for more information on how TrustInSoft can help improve your efficiency and effectiveness of your software testing. 


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