Boost operational efficiency

TrustInSoft Analyzer makes your development and test teams more productive, by decreasing bug detection and remediation time while increasing test coverage

Beyond Software Security & Safety

Development and validation processes and teams must meet customer and regulatory requirements for software security and safety, but there are other challenges beyond these requirements.

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High costs to detecting bugs

For every 1000 lines of code, 70 bugs are coded, on average. Being able to find all the bugs in a given program is time-consuming, and development teams already spend 75% of their time doing that, on average.

Difficulty in fixing bugs, not just finding them

Even when bugs are identified in the code, it’s a whole different story to find where they originated and correct them.

Too many false positives

Traditional static analysis tools raise too many false alarms to realistically investigate all of them.

The All-in-One Solution

Luckily, a solution exists to help you take charge of these problems and increase your operational efficiency. Meet TrustInSoft Analyzer.

TrustInSoft Analyzer addresses software security and safety, and helps improve your development team’s operational efficiency.

Reduce software test coverage costs

Its powerful exhaustive analysis allows you to divide by 4 the efforts needed to reach 100% of statement coverage. It also allows you to reach up to 100% of input coverage, which is not possible with standard testing.

Optimize bug identification and remediation time

Reduce bug detection time by 40x and fix bugs faster, thanks to TrustInSoft Analyzer’s indication of the root cause of the bug

Prioritize bug correction more efficiently thanks to no false positives

At the first level of usage of TrustInSoft Analyzer, there are no false positives, so every bug is a true bug that needs to be corrected. This means your team doesn’t waste time looking at false alarms.

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Test on target

Test how your software would run on any hardware architecture by emulating your target platforms seamlessly.

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