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Discover the Future of Code Analysis with the Upcoming TrustInSoft Analyzer Release at Embedded World 2024

New features bring improved user experience for TrustInSoft Analyzer – coming soon

Not your average static analyzer - ship zero bug software with TrustInSoft Analyzer

Summary of Key Points:

  • Enhanced User Experience: TrustInSoft Analyzer V1.47 emphasizes usability, making formal methods more accessible to non-experts, thus ensuring faster and more efficient code analysis.
  • Comprehensive Compliance Reporting: The new version introduces advanced reporting features, streamlining the compliance process and providing clear insights into code safety and security.
  • Customer-Driven Innovations: Feedback from our user community has significantly shaped the development of V1.47, demonstrating our commitment to responding to real-world needs and enhancing user satisfaction.

The realm of Application Security Testing (AST) is continuously evolving, with the emergence of new challenges and technologies reshaping how developers and security professionals approach code analysis and compliance. As Application Security Testing experts, TrustInSoft is always on the lookout for how we can enhance security and streamline the development process.

A New Era in Code Analysis:

Excitement is building in the software development community as we anticipate the upcoming release of TrustInSoft Analyzer V1.47 this April. While I can’t spill all the details just yet, what I can share is that this version marks a significant leap forward, particularly in enhancing user experience and compliance reporting. The team at TrustInSoft has been hard at work, incorporating feedback from our customers to make our robust solution even more intuitive and effective.

TrustInSoft Analyzer V1.47 is a Game-Changer:

The upcoming version of TrustInSoft Analyzer is set to redefine expectations for code analysis tools. By making formal methods more accessible, V1.47 addresses one of the most significant barriers faced by many in our field: the steep learning curve associated with formal methods. Also, the enhanced compliance reporting features are designed to simplify the often-complex process of demonstrating adherence to standards like CERT-C.

Going to Embedded World 2024?

TrustInSoft will be showcasing Analyzer V1.47 at Embedded World 2024 at booth 4-340. This is a unique opportunity to get a firsthand look at the future of code analysis and to see how the new features can benefit your projects. The TrustInSoft team will be on hand to provide live demonstrations, answer your questions, and discuss how the tool can fit into your existing workflows.

Improve Testing Processes and Efficiency

The release of TrustInSoft Analyzer V1.47 represents a significant milestone in the field of Application Security Testing. By addressing key challenges such as usability and compliance reporting, TrustInSoft is not only advancing its solutions but also contributing to the broader goal of making secure, reliable software more achievable for all. We look forward to seeing many of you at Embedded World 2024 and exploring together how we can continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in AST. 


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