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So much of our lives today depends on software that runs efficiently and correctly. Software is powering our devices, but also biometrics,  cryptocurrency and blockchain, our home appliances, our banking infrastructure, and the hospital machines that our families are counting on.

With software’s potential to revolutionize these industries, it is more than ever important to ensure the safety and security of the source code of that software.


As more and more of the devices we use in our everyday life depend on software, so too increases the need for greater security, to protect our assets against cyberattacks, and more safety, to avoid software malfunctions that could be dangerous to human life.

Growing software volume

As software continues to be used more and more in our everyday lives, it is more than ever essential to ensure robustness against cyberthreats and defects that could cause harm.

Protect against security threats

Banking, infrastructure, and medical software has not been spared by increasing cyberattacks. Vendors need to be prepared to protect their software against the next Pegasus, and other cyberattacks that are caused by errors in the source code.

Interrupted operations and heavy losses

Cyberattacks and buggy software can lead to interrupted operations that can be costly both to the company and to consumer confidence in the final product.

TrustInSoft Analyzer mathematically proves the absence of bugs in C and C++ software

Reach high quality, defect-free software to avoid interrupted operations and heavy losses

TrustInSoft Analyzer provides an “X-Ray view” of the code that helps the developer understand what happens at each step of program execution. Better understanding of the code allows to write better code and avoid bugs that can lead to program misbehaviors and exploits by cyber attackers.

Secure your code against vulnerabilities

TrustInSoft makes software rock-solid by eliminating 0 days before they become vulnerabilities, drastically reducing the cyberattack surface on software. By eliminating bugs early on in the development process, you’ll cut down on costs and protect your software from the inside out.

Manage the growing software volume and reduce time to market

Achieve faster Time to Market thanks to the 40 x reduction in bug detection time. Plus, use TrustInSoft Analyzer to reach coding standards like MISRA-C and CERT-C by guaranteeing the absence of undefined behaviors, the most challenging part of standard compliance.

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Mathematically prove C and C++ code quality and maximize code safety and security with TrustInSoft Analyzer.

Static analysis tool-visual GUI of TrustInSoft Analyzer version 1.44

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