Manage risk

Mitigate risks to human life as well as financial impacts by ensuring the security and safety of your software

Beyond Software Security & Safety

Making software safer and more secure is a decision that is driven by the challenge of managing risks. A software bug left in a system in production can have disastrous consequences on human life as well as tremendous costs to fix or a huge negative impact on your brand.

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Cost of fixing bugs post-production

Fixing a bug post-production can be extremely expensive and sometimes even impossible. Even if the software can be patched once deployed in the field it can cost 640x or more than it would have cost to remove the bug during development.

Brand impacts of bugs

Consumer confidence is easily shaken by the discovery of flaws that can have serious safety and security concerns.

Risks on human life

In critical software a bug or a vulnerability can put human lives at risk.

The All-in-One Solution

A solution exists to help you take charge of these problems manage your financial and brand risks.  Meet TrustInSoft Analyzer.


In addition to having greater software safety and security, with TrustInSoft Analyzer your company will also reduce costs and risks associated with fixing bugs post-production.

Reduce field support costs post-production

TrustInSoft Analyzer eliminates bugs before release, cutting down on field support costs.

Avoid brand and image valuation impacts

TrustInSoft Analyzer hardens your software source code, reducing the risks of brand impacts due to discovered bugs and vulnerabilities.

Reduce the risks on human life

TrustInSoft Analyzer hardens your software source code, reducing the risks of harming human lives.

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Mathematically prove C and C++ code quality and maximize code safety and security with TrustInSoft Analyzer.

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