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This use case is about a Tier One Defensive Equipment Supplier that needed to demonstrate to its end customer that they can achieve highest cybersecurity level on cryptographic software.


TrustInSoft Analyzer allowed them to have a  defensive programming approach to test quickly all possible code values.


As a result, our customer was able to fix critical bugs which would not have been possible to detect with traditional testing methods.


TrustInSoft Analyzer’s mathematical guarantee allowed the company to easily demonstrate that high level of confidence to their customer, shortened & smoothened the supplier’s relationship.


One of our clients is a well-known name in defense industry and had a contract to develop a package of cryptographic software. The code required the highest level of cybersecurity assurance.

Cybersecurity norms are constantly evolving and this supplier was looking for a solution that could support the adequate cybersecurity assurance processes and procedures requested by their customer.

In particular, client was facing the following pains:

  • exponentially increasing software verification efforts to reach the targeted test coverage
  • difficulty to detect all bugs early during the SW dev & verification phase
  • difficulty to investigate issues detected on the field

 The firm decided to seek a new solution—one that could provide proof of cybersecurity.


They chose TrustInSoft Analyzer because it promised a mathematical guarantee that all vulnerabilities—all defects that could act as entry points for hackers—had been eliminated from their code.  In addition, they wanted to confirm whether it would allow them to reduce significantly software testing and verification efforts.


They decided to use TrustInSoft on 6 security critical modules.


They used defensive programming approach, benefiting from mathematical formal methods to generalize quickly their tests and do quickly the equivalent of billions and billions of tests.  They could test their Software for all possible code values.


The customer was able to detect and correct critical bugs which would have been almost impossible to detect with traditional testing methods and standard verification processes.  It saved them the efforts and pain to investigate these issues on the field post-delivery to customer.


Thanks to TrustInSoft Analyzer, this defense contractor was able to achieve an extremely high level of confidence in their software. TrustInSoft Analyzer’s mathematical guarantee allowed the company to easily demonstrate that high level of confidence to their customer, which, in turn, gave the customer a very high level of confidence in the code they received.


As the company had hoped, TrustInSoft Analyzer’s unequivocal, mathematical guarantee shifted the acceptance conversation from the verification process to the actual software product. This guarantee shortened the discussions over verification and certification and smoothed the supplier’s relationship with their customer. Ultimately, TrustInSoft Analyzer streamlined the company’s entire development process, reducing their verification and validation timeline and speeding the delivery of their product to the field.

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