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Industry Overview

As new-generation telecommunications networks are rolling out, massively improving network capacity, increasing bandwidth and lower latencies, software is more than ever at the heart of modern communication networks.

With Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Network (SDN), networks become more flexible, robust and easy-to-manage, enabling new use cases in smart grids, intelligent cities or the Industry 4.0.

As software is growing in complexity and criticality, it is more than ever essential to ensure robustness against cyberthreats and defects. TrustInSoft Analyzer provides telco equipment vendors with an all-in-one software analysis tool to identify and secure all vulnerabilities in the source code.

Challenges encountered in this sector

The telecommunication sector is facing more and more software complexity, subtle cyberattacks, and the operations impacts of buggy code.

Growing software complexity

As software is growing in complexity and criticality, it is more than ever essential to ensure robustness against cyberthreats and defects.

Protect against the next Pegasus

Telecommunications software has not been spared by increasing cyberattacks. Vendors need to be prepared to protect their software against the next Pegasus software.

Interrupted operations and heavy losses

Cyberattacks and buggy software can lead to interrupted operations that can be costly both to the company and to consumer confidence.

TrustInSoft Analyzer mathematically proves the absence of bugs in telecom software

Reach high quality, defect-free software to avoid interrupted operations and heavy losses

TrustInSoft Analyzer provides an “X-Ray view” of the code that helps the developer understand what happens at each step of program execution. Better understanding of the code allows to write better code and avoid bugs that can lead to program misbehaviors, meaning greater uptime SLA and avoiding the losses.

Secure your code against vulnerabilities

TrustInSoft makes industrial software rock-solid by eliminating 0 days before they become vulnerabilities, drastically reducing the cyberattack surface on software.

Reduce time to market and increase code quality

Achieve faster Time to Market thanks to the 40 x reduction in bug detection time. Plus, use TrustInSoft Analyzer to reach coding standards like MISRA-C and CERT-C by guaranteeing the absence of undefined behaviors, the most challenging part of standard compliance.

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Mathematically prove C and C++ code quality and maximize code safety and security with TrustInSoft Analyzer.

Static analysis tool-visual GUI of TrustInSoft Analyzer version 1.44

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