Ensuring Compliance for Critical Devices For the Cyber Resilience Act

Ensuring compliance for critical devices for the cyber resilience act

icon/arrow Back to news The Cyber Resilience Act brings new requirements for IoT Devices in Europe, find out how TrustInSoft can help meet them and put you ahead of the curve Table of Contents Introduction Breakdown of Objectives Cyber Resilience Act Classes How TrustInSoft Analyzer Can Help How to Go Beyond Compliance Introduction The Cyber […]

Bye, bye Pegasus – New Application Security Test

Graphic: bye bye project pegasus zero bug mobile application security test

  Back to news TrustInSoft Mathematically Guarantees Zero-Bug Mobile Applications with New Application Security Test PRESS RELEASE TrustInSoft Mathematically Guarantees Zero-Bug Mobile Applications with New Application Security Test Bye, bye Pegasus: the new offer allows mobile app developers to prove the absence of vulnerabilities in C and C++ code, libraries, and APIs Cybersecurity software company […]

How to protect your code from Pegasus spyware

How can TrustInSoft help prevent Pegasus-like attacks

  Back to news Learn how to stop Pegasus-like attacks and protect your code from buffer overflows and other exploitable vulnerabilities Introduction You may have heard of Pegasus, a surveillance software produced by an Israeli company, the NSO Group, for anti-crime and anti-terrorism purposes. It is back in the news for the alleged spying on 180 journalists […]

TrustInSoft Announces Bug Free IoT Application Security Test

Graphic: TrustInSoft Bug-free application security test for the IoT sector.

  Back to news Make Your Applications Compliant with Revised White House Cybersecurity Guidance PRESS RELEASE TrustInSoft, a cybersecurity software company, today announced an Application Security Test (AST) specifically designed to mathematically guarantee bug-free code in embedded Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This AST for IoT is based on TrustInSoft’s Analyzer to provide the equivalent […]

What are the software security implications of 5G?

icon/arrow Back to news Interview with telecommunications expert, Theirry Bonhomme  Thierry Bonhomme is a renowned expert in the telecommunications industry, having served for over 30 years at Orange Group including most recently as CEO of their B2B branch until 2018 (Orange Business Services.) He was in charge of the development of the division that provides […]

TrustInSoft raises €5M to push into the self-driving car and IoT markets

Graphic: News

Back to news Through its Brienne III cybersecurity fund –first of it’s kind in France– ACE Management leads this round followed by TrustInSoft’s longstanding shareholders, Idinvest Partners and business angels. PRESS RELEASE   Paris, 4 November 2019 – TrustInSoft, a cybersecurity software publisher whose technology provides software code reliability and security, based on mathematical proof, announces […]