Simplifying ISO 26262 Certification with TrustInSoft Analyzer

How automotive software teams reduce compliance challenges by eliminating 100% of undefined behaviors


White Paper: Simplifying ISO 26262 Certification with TrustInSoft Analyzer

This white paper describes a pivotal enabler of this transformation: formal methods and sound analysis principles that guarantee that if testing detects no undefined behaviors, there are no undefined behaviors in the code – while reducing compliance effort at the same time.

Efficiently delivering safety-critical software elements while sticking to tight time-to-market schedules has emerged as a central hurdle for automotive suppliers in the contemporary landscape. This is caused by the heightened complexity of automotive systems and software, which is a direct response to the surging demand for groundbreaking features such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving (AD) functionalities, and the introduction of new electric vehicle (EV) technologies. This is leaving corporate leaders to deal with an increasingly intricate toolbox of tools and technologies, along with higher regulatory and compliance pressures. These efforts ensure that software exhibits reliability, performs according to specifications, and remains free of vulnerabilities that could pose safety risks.

The challenges posed by delivering safety-critical software within tight timelines are not only relevant but also crucial in forming the future of automotive innovation and safety but understanding the complexities and the evolving demands of this sector is the key to staying competitive and compliant.

To delve deeper into these critical issues, gain actionable insights, and discover effective strategies for addressing these challenges, we invite you to download our comprehensive white paper, Simplifying ISO 26262 Certification with TrustInSoft Analyzer. In this white paper, we will explore in-depth analyses, case studies, and practical solutions that can empower automotive suppliers to meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving industry. Download now to stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation safely and efficiently in the automotive industry.

What You'll Find Inside

  • Simplifying ISO 26262 certification with TrustInSoft Analyzer
  • Overview of ISO 26262 
  • The need for ISO 26262 certification
  • The qualification process for software development tools
  • The impact of undefined behaviors
  • Detecting undefined behaviors
  • Case study: Toyota Infotechnology Center Test Suite
  • How TrustInSoft Analyzer proves the absence of undefined behaviors
  • Case study: ISO 26262 & eSOL
  • TrustInSoft’s approach to ISO 26262 qualification
  • How TrustInSoft Analyzer supports ISO 26262 qualification
  • The road ahead with TrustInSoft Analyzer

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April 9, 2024