Elevating Compliance with TrustInSoft’s New CERT-C Reporting

Reduce the risk of security breaches, decrease costs associated with late-stage bug fixes, and improve testing for industry safety and security standards with CERT-C Reporting.

Elevating Compliance with TrustInSoft's New SEI CERT-C Reporting

CERT-C Reporting Key Points Summary

  • One-Click Compliance Reporting: Effortless generation of CERT-C standard compliance reports integrated directly into TrustInSoft Analyzer.
  • Enhanced Standards Compliance: Seamless mapping of analysis outputs to compliance standards, eliminating manual processes.
  • Streamlined Compliance Processes: Increased efficiency and maturity in compliance reporting.

As the complexity of software development increases, particularly in critical sectors such as automotive and aerospace, ensuring compliance with coding standards like CERT-C becomes paramount. TrustInSoft recognizes this need and introduces simplified and efficient CERT-C reporting in version 1.47 of our Analyzer. This feature dramatically simplifies the process of achieving and demonstrating compliance, ensuring your software is not only robust but also adheres to industry standards.

One-Click Access to Compliance Reporting

TrustInSoft’s CERT-C Reporting feature provides customers with one-click access to comprehensive compliance reports, starting with the CERT-C standard. Integrated into the Analyzer, this feature allows for quick and easy generation of reports that clearly map analysis outputs to the required compliance standards. This integration simplifies the compliance process, making it more accessible and efficient.

Enhanced Standards Compliance

For organizations facing stringent compliance requirements, the manual process of mapping analysis outputs to compliance standards can be tedious and error prone. TrustInSoft’s CERT-C Reporting automates this process, ensuring accuracy and reducing the burden on your development team while enhancing your compliance program.

Streamlined Compliance Processes

Compliance-minded business stakeholders often feel disconnected from the technical nuances of software analysis. The new CERT-C Reporting feature bridges this gap by delivering clear, concise, and comprehensive reports that make it easier for you to understand and justify the business value of the TrustInSoft Analyzer. This added transparency not only enhances the value of the investment but also positions it as a critical tool for ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Watch the CERT-C Reporting Demo

See the CERT-C Reporting feature in action and understand how it can transform your compliance processes.

With the introduction of these new reporting capabilities, TrustInSoft continues to lead the way in providing innovative solutions that simplify compliance and enhance the robustness of software. TrustInSoft Analyzer 1.47 release is a testament to our commitment to delivering tools that not only meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring your software is always secure, reliable, and compliant.

By leveraging the new CERT-C Reporting feature, organizations can reduce the risk of security breaches, decrease costs associated with late-stage bug fixes, and improve testing for industry safety and security standards. Book a demo today.


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