Delivering Safety-Critical Software Faster & Cheaper with Exhaustive Static Analysis

TrustInSoft’s new white paper describes how critical systems developers can guarantee correct functionality and cybersecurity while reducing software verification costs and schedules.

Why it’s time to switch to advanced code analysis to ensure the safety and security of critical software

In industries like aerospace and defense, nuclear energy and medical devices, the size and complexity of embedded software in critical systems has been growing at an exponential rate for decades. In the last decade or so, those same systems have become increasingly reliant on wireless connectivity, making cybersecurity an additional concern.

Complexity and cybersecurity have made software verification a key cost factor in critical systems development. The heavy volume of software and integration testing traditionally required by the traditional safety assurance processes in those industries has pushed critical system software beyond the boundaries of affordability.

Exhaustive static analysis is a solution that can make safety assurance more cost-effective and affordable while providing mathematical guarantees of both functional reliability and cybersecurity.

Reading our new white paper, readers in critical systems industries will discover:

  • Why safety-critical software has hit the “affordability wall”
  • Why current critical systems development processes assure safety but not cost-effectiveness
  • How earlier error detection can lower software rework costs by 30,000 to 100,000 percent
  • The catastrophic consequences that can occur when coding errors become cybersecurity vulnerabilities in critical systems
  • How the use of exhaustive static analysis in the aerospace sector paved the way for formal verification to replace certain forms of testing under DO-178C
  • How the mathematical guarantees of exhaustive static analysis can shorten discussions with customers and regulatory authorities over verification and certification
  • How exhaustive static analysis can quickly find and eliminate subtle bugs that even the most stringent testing regimes often miss…

and much more.


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