Delivering Safety & Cybersecurity Critical Software Faster and Cheaper

Graphic: Critical Systems Blog series part 3: Delivering safety & cybersecurity software faster and cheaper

icon/arrow Back to news How four leading safety-critical systems developers have used TrustInSoft Analyzer to eliminate pesky bugs, guarantee cybersecurity, improve customer relationships, and reduce verification costs Introduction In Part 1 of this series , we discussed why software for safety-critical systems is hitting an “affordability wall,” why reliance on wireless connectivity in those systems is […]

Proving the Security of Low-Level Software Components and TEEs

Graphic: Proving the Security of Low-Level Software Components and TEEs Webinar

Back to news Join Vic and Jakub to learn how it’s possible to prove the security of low-level software components and TEEs through exhaustive static analysis. Then, watch the live demo of TrustInSoft Analyzer on the Goodix driver GT9XX. For more information about how TrustInSoft can help you solve your security challenges, contact us. Newsletter […]

Looking for undefined behavior in ntpd

  Back to news Video demonstration of TrustInSoft Analyzer and the eradication of runtime errors Eradicate NTPD runtime errors This is TrustInSoft Analyzer: it is used by customers since 2014 but no public video was available until now. This is the “Episode 1”: it focuses on one specific usage pattern and does not show-case all of TrustInSoft […]