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Fast track compliance with safety & cybersecurity standards

Today’s average car contains more than 100 million lines of code. In software development, it is accepted that there is an average of 1 to 50 defects, minor or major, per 1000 lines of code. This means that car manufacturers risk having thousands of potential defects that could impact the reliability, safety or security of their vehicles.

TrustInSoft Analyzer’s new Zero Bug AST automates Formal Methods testing using mathematics to guarantee the absence of bugs by running an enormous number of  tests with the click of a button. Tests accelerate compliance with safety and cybersecurity standards such as ISO26262 and ISO21434.

How is it possible to mathematically guarantee bug-free applications? Read on to discover TrustInSoft’s resources on this topic.

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How to mathematically guarantee vehicle safety and security?

With tens of millions of lines of code in automotive software, there is more than ever a need to secure software at the source code level.

To satisfy your customers, you need to prove to them that they can trust your vehicle and the ever-increasing software it depends on.

TrustInSoft’s Zero Bug AST detects and helps you find any vulnerability persisting in your code, and provides you with a mathematical guarantee of the absence of vulnerabilities once the code is corrected.

With the Zero Bug AST, it is possible to run the equivalent of billions of tests on existing test suites. It detects all possible bugs for that test suite using formal methods. What’s more is you don’t have to be an expert on formal methods to use the Zero Bug AST! TrustInSoft’s solution provides developers with the power of formal methods through the adaptive tool and combines it with an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows developers to find the root cause of all errors.

TrustInSoft's solution helps you

Next generation formal methods verification

The Zero Bug AST relies on the power of formal methods, which are a series of mathematical and logical reasonings that allow to produce a “mathematical twin” of source code.  In this mathematical context, it is possible to prove the absence of source code bugs for any input. 

Formal methods used to require a high level of expertise to employ, but with TrustInSoft’s solution, any software developer can unlock the power of formal methods verification thanks to its simple implementation and user-friendly graphical interface.

Critical step to ISO 26262 and ISO 21434 Compliance

The first step to compliance with automotive industry standards for safety and cybersecurity like ISO 26262 and ISO 21434 is to have an absence of undefined behaviors in your code.  TrustInSoft’s Zero Bug AST helps developers do just that with the exhaustive code analysis that only formal methods can provide.

The Zero Bug AST combines the benefits of static, dynamic and interactive code analysis to deliver exhaustive results with no false positives and no false negatives.  When using the Zero Bug AST, once all issues are corrected, your automotive product will become one of the safest and most secure on the market!

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Additional Benefits of the Zero Bug AST


Less time spent detecting bugs


Decrease in code verification time


Bugs remaining after correction of bugs detected by the Zero Bug AST

Towards Zero Bug Automotive Software: a webinar

Learn more about the importance of software safety and security in the automotive sector in this webinar co-hosted with EasyMile and CertX.  Learn more about the automotive industry standards, how one autonomous vehicle company handles their compliance, and how TrustInSoft helps market leading companies achieve compliance with these rigorous standards.

On the Road to Zero Bug Vehicles

Ensuring automotive software security and safety through exhaustive code analysis

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about how the increased complexity of modern cars opens the door to new vulnerabilities that can lead to malfunctions or security risks. 

But, more importantly, you will learn how to mitigate those risks and how to ensure the embedded car software is immune to cyber-risks and malfunctions with the help of the latest innovations in advanced code analysis.

See for yourself: the Zero Bug AST in action

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