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TrustInSoft Analyzer, exhaustive static analysis to prove software security and safety

Deliver stable and vulnerability free software

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TrustInSoft Analyzer

Recognized by the NIST, TrustInSoft Analyzer goes further than any other static analysis tool by focusing on the semantics of the code, rather than syntax, using formal methods. TrustInSoft Analyzer’s exhaustive bug detection mathematically proves the absence of even the most hidden bugs and integrates easily in the CI process.

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Supercharging existing unit tests to detect more bugs than standard tests

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Generalizing tests to exhaustively detect C/C++ language vulnerabilities

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Checking functional implementation to ensure program behaviors are compliant with their specifications

TrustInSoft Analyzer Differentiators

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Find all bugs

TrustInSoft Analyzer’s static analysis tool identifies all bugs, resulting in no false negatives, no false positives, meaning each bug is real and needs to be corrected.

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Exhaustive Test Coverage

TrustInSoft Analyzer boosts the coverage of your tests by generalizing inputs, allowing you to test the superset of possible values for an exhaustive coverage of your code.

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Mathematically Proves Software Safety and Security

TrustInSoft Analyzer uses a series of formal methods to mathematically model your code, allowing you to obtain a mathematical proof that there are no bugs left once all issues detected by TrustInSoft Analyzer are corrected.

Our Solutions

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Boost operational efficiency

TrustInSoft Analyzer allows you to reduce software test coverage costs, optimize bug identification and remediation, and prioritize bug correction.

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Generate revenue opportunities

Using TrustInSoft Analyzer on your software source code allows you to position safety and/or security as a feature to gain market share or price premium, achieve a certification level, and secure Time to Market sensitive opportunities.

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Manage Risk

TrustInSoft Analyzer helps you reduce field support costs post-production and avoid brand or image valuation impacts due to buggy code.

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Success stories

TrustInSoft is recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for its ability to prove the absence of entire families of bugs.

TrustInSoft’s clients use TrustInSoft Analyzer to develop safer and more secure products. Read about their experiences using TrustInSoft Analyzer here!

About TrustInSoft

Recognized by the NIST, TrustInSoft was founded in 2013 by three former researchers of the The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. Today, TrustInSoft supports international customers in a variety of industries, including aeronautics, telecommunications, industrial IoT and automotive.

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