TrustInSoft Mathematically Guarantees Bug Free IoT with New Application Security Test

By layering extensive computerization and automation on top of factory activities, the Industrial Internet of Things is dramatically altering the face of manufacturing plants. 

It largely relies on software to combine smart sensors, networking, advanced robots, predictive maintenance, and other modern manufacturing processes.

As software grows in size and complexity to support Industry 4.0, it is more important than ever to maintain software security, safety, and robustness.

Why mathematically guarantee the absence of bugs in your industrial IoT firmware & drivers?

75 billion IoT devices will be in use globally by 2025, according to the NIST.

Because of the significant influence these gadgets will have on our society and business as we know it, software security is more vital than ever. 

Customers need to know they can rely on and trust IoT devices for accuracy and for cybersecurity.

The TrustInSoft’s Bug Free IoT AST can assist you in eliminating vulnerabilities so that your industrial IoT devices are safe to use and secure against cyberattacks.

With the Bug Free IoT AST, it is possible to run the equivalent of billions of tests on existing test suites. It detects all possible bugs for that test suite using formal methods. What’s more is you don’t have to be an expert on formal methods to use the Bug Free IoT AST! TrustInSoft’s solution provides developers with the power of formal methods through the adaptive tool and combines it with an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows developers to find the root cause of all errors.

TrustInSoft's solution helps you

Benefits of the Bug Free IoT AST

Improve operations uptime

Enhance firmware protection against cyberattacks

Achieve faster time-to-market



The Bug Free IoT AST allows for exhaustive undefined behavior detection in software code



With the mathematical guarantee, we can make industrial software rock-solid and we can drastically reduce the cyberattack surface on software



Thanks to The Bug Free IoT AST, developers can better understand their code and identify bugs, and as the bug correction time is shorter; code is delivered with a faster time-to-market


Less time spent detecting bugs


Decrease in code verification time


Bugs remaining after correction of bugs detected by the Zero Bug AST

Towards Bug Free IoT Software, Mathematically Guaranteed

Check out this webinar on how it’s possible to mathematically guarantee bug-free code, presented by Fabrice Derepas, CEO and co-founder of TrustInSoft. Learn which other major industry players chose TrustInSoft for greater software safety and security.

The Industry Best Practices for Achieving Bug Free IoT Software

What tools are available to strengthen software safety and security?
What is the best way to tackle changing software trends and regulations?
Find out in this whitepaper, along with how it is possible to identify all bugs in code without increasing verification costs.

See for yourself: the Bug Free IoT AST in action

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