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Automotive Functional Safety Conference 2023

TrustInSoft is this year’s proud sponsor of the Automotive Functional Safety Conference, held this year in Detroit, Michigan.

TrustInSoft Cofounder and CEO Fabrice Derepas presenting at the Automotive Functional Safety Conference 2023.

TrustInSoft Cofounder & CEO Fabrice Derepas at Automotive Functional Safety Conference 2023

Reaching compliances with ISO 26262

With the mission to expand our support for automotive software development, TrustInSoft had the privilege of being the official event launch sponsor for this year’s Automotive Functional Safety Conference, organized by Automotive IQ. Bringing together key figures in automotive industry, the main topic was the challenges and advancements in reaching safety compliances like ISO 26262 & SOTIF. With growing complexity in software development, automotive manufacturers are increasingly concerned about automotive software safety and security.

Audience listening to the presentation titled "Cost Effective Automotive Safety and Cybersecurity" by TrustInSoft Cofounder and CEO Fabrice Derepas

Cost effective functional safety and cybersecurity for automotive and autonomous vehicles

TrustInSoft Cofounder and CEO Fabrice Derepas took the stage as part of the expert speaker line up. As part of the program, Fabrice hosted a presentation on Cost Effective Automotive Safety and Cybersecurity, showcasing challenges in software development and how formal methods are able to overcome them. From topics such as the ability of formal methods to have complete code coverage, to demonstrating the effectiveness of TrustInSoft Analyzer compared to other tools with CERT-C test suite results, the audience was among the first to learn of the announcement of TrustInSoft Analyzer receiving official ISO 26262 qualification.

We would like to thank Automotive IQ and everyone who came to the event! Learn more about how TrustInSoft Analyzer has had a positive impact through our success stories.


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