Success Story: eSOL

Don’t just take our word for it — have a look at how eSOL is using TrustInSoft to harden the security and quality of their software!

“We need to ensure the quality and safety and security of our products for our customer applications. To do that, we have the typical V cycle development to follow, which means that we need to specify our software and then we need to verify that what we specified is the same. As this V cycle verification and testing goes on, of course we need to test everything on the target, but we also need to verify and ensure that the functional safety requirement and everything is going according to plan. And this is a key aspect, which is a challenge because demonstrating that we tested enough is very challenging.”
Rolland Dudemaine
VP of Engineering, eSOL

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visual GUI of TrustInSoft Analyzer version 1.44

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