5 Best Practices for Secure Coding & its Role in the Future of Cybersecurity

A collaborative webinar with TrustInSoft CEO Fabrice Derepas and SCADEMY CEO Zoltan Hornak that explores the future of cybersecurity and the best practices for secure coding

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Do you know the difference between undefined, unspecificed, and unexpected behavior in your software?


What about why (or if) it’s important to verify code is written correctly early on in the development process?


What tools and best practices are available to software development teams today?


How secure coding experts picture the future of cybersecurity?


The key to secure software may actually lie within the structure and processes of writing the source code itself. Humans still play a large role in the errors that commonly are released through unsafe coding practices.


TrustInSoft’s CEO Fabrice Derepas and Scademy’s CEO Zoltan Hornak sat down for an afternoon chat to discuss security-related questions. The two CEOs met years ago thanks to a joint research program, and they have been growing their own companies ever since. While TrustInSoft is developing tools based on mathematical models to analyze code for any hidden bugs, Scademy has developed a company-wide secure coding education program for developers.


Discover the best practices and insights from experts Fabrice Derepas and Zoltan Hornak on safe and secure coding and the role it plays in the future of cybersecurity.

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