TrustInSoft Mathematically Guarantees Zero Bug Vehicles with New Application Security Test

Automated Formal Methods Testing for Automotive and Autonomous Driving Application Software Ensures Bulletproof Code for Real World Applications

Zero Bug AST for the automotive sector - TrustInSoft


San Francisco and Paris, June 9th, 2021


TrustInSoft, a cybersecurity software company, today announced a new Zero Bug Application Security Test (AST) for the automotive and autonomous driving market that proves the absence of bugs in car manufacturers’ systems. The new Zero Bug AST leverages the TrustInSoft Analyzer to automate the power of Formal Methods testing, bringing the benefits to static and dynamic C/C++ source code analysis. TrustInSoft Analyzer democratizes Formal Methods by making its advanced testing processes available to any developer at an affordable cost.


“Formal Methods arguably provide the strongest form of verification of design and code,” said Bruce Powel Douglass, PhD, Senior Principal Agile Systems Engineer at MITRE. “In today’s rapid rush to market for automotive and autonomous driving applications, manufacturers can benefit from product verification technologies such as Formal Methods to get safe and secure products to market faster.”


Today’s average car contains more than 100 million lines of code. In software development, it is accepted that there is an average of 1 to 50 defects per 1000 lines of code. Car manufacturers risk having thousands of potential defects that could impact the reliability, safety or security of their vehicles. TrustInSoft Analyzer’s new Zero Bug AST automates Formal Methods testing using mathematics to guarantee the absence of bugs by running an enormous number of tests with the click of a button. Tests accelerate compliance with safety and cybersecurity standards such as ISO26262 and ISO21434.


“One corrupt line of code can cost automotive and autonomous driving manufacturers everything,” said Fabrice Derepas, Founder and CEO of TrustInSoft. “Our new Zero Bug Application Security Test automates the power of Formal Methods for customers to save bug detection time by 40X, decrease code verification time by 4X, and avoid disastrous real world problems.”


For more information visit: https://trust-in-soft.com/product/trustinsoft-analyzer/


About TrustInSoft

TrustInSoft participates in the Application Security Testing market alongside vendors such as Mathworks, Parasoft and Synopsis. The TrustInSoft Analyzer is a hybrid static and dynamic code analyzer that automates Formal Methods to mathematically guarantee C/C++ code quality, security and safety. TrustInSoft Automotive and Autonomous Driving customers include EasyMile and Mitsubishi with additional IoT, telecom, semiconductor, aeronautics and defense industry customers. The company received recognition from NIST, RSA and Linux Foundation. Learn more at  https://trust-in-soft.com/


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