TrustInSoft to Showcase Advanced Embedded Software Bug Detection at CES 2023: Introducing Proven Zero Bug Software

Experience a live demo of TrustInSoft Analyzer at the booth with Technical Presales Consultant Olivier Korach

TrustInSoft at CES 2023, advanced embedded software bug detection: introducing proven zero bug software

See TrustInSoft Analyzer in Action at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 In Las Vegas

TrustInSoft will be demonstrating live advanced bug detection with its interactive booth at the 2023 CES show in Las Vegas.

TrustInSoft, the leader in source code analysis for consumer electronic devices, commercializes TrustInSoft Analyzer, which detects subtle bugs that cannot be detected with traditional testing methods. Innovation in cybersecurity technology starts at the level of the lowest layers of the device. In these layers, hackers try to exploit vulnerabilities called undefined behavior.

“TrustInSoft believes in the power of mathematically guaranteed software verification,” said Fabrice Derepas, CEO of TrustInSoft. “In an increasingly complex technical landscape, it has become too easy to discover product problems only after they have been deployed. Verifying software code with formal methods can avoid many of these issues, which are often costly to
remedy after the fact.”

Live presentations and demonstrations at the booth will show exactly how TrustInSoft’s flagship product TrustInSoft Analyzer can detect all undefined behaviors that are impossible to detect with unit testing alone.

This cutting-edge software brings new levels of confidence for consumer electronic devices that were not previously possible. Some bugs are dangerously subtle and frequently go undetected with unit testing. TrustInSoft’s innovative technology finds these bugs every time and helps developers locate them quickly and efficiently thanks to its interactive GUI.

Visit TrustInSoft at the Consumer Electronics Show at the French Automotive Pavilion in the Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall, Booth 5400.


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