Who is EasyMile

EasyMile is a pioneer in driverless technology and smart mobility solutions. The fast-growing start-up, founded in 2014, develops software to automate transportation platforms.

EasyMile’s technology is revolutionizing passenger and goods transportation, offering completely new mobility options. Since 2014, the company has developed and deployed more than 210 autonomous mobility projects in 24 countries.

In June 2019, EasyMile became the first autonomous vehicle company ever to be ISO 9001 certified. This certification recognizes the commitment of the company to deliver high-quality-level services to partners and customers.

EasyMile's need

Providing high-quality service is part of EasyMile’s working culture.

EasyMile requires correct and robust software to develop safety-first autonomous vehicles.

To reach this level of exigence, EasyMile needed to formally verify and validate:

  • The safety of its critical C embedded software
  • The cybersecurity of its C++ telemetry, monitoring, and navigation software.

TrustInSoft's solution

To meet EasyMile’s specific and rigorous needs, TrustInSoft provided TrustInSoft Analyzer static source code analysis tool, to mathematically guarantee the safety and the cybersecurity of EasyMile’s software.

EasyMile uses TrustInSoft Analyzer to perform test verification on C++ software, and to verify embedded C critical software. Since the license included 3-day on-premise training, EasyMile’s engineers quickly became familiar with the Analyzer.

Because EasyMile also wanted to reach the state-of-the-art in the application of formal methods in embedded software, TrustInSoft provided specific deliverables.

EasyMile benefits from 17 days of personalized guidance provided over the duration of the license. Within this collaboration, TrustInSoft’s experts focus on EasyMile specific needs, questions, and issues.

Benefits of working with TrustInSoft

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Training & Support

3 days of on-premise training at the start of the project

17 days of personalized guidance

Unlimited support and maintenance

Unlimited lines of code

“At EasyMile, we are fully aware of the responsibility we have for designing safe and secure autonomous vehicles. Part of this relies on making sure that the code base is bug-free and devoid of flaws used for several types of cyberattacks. TrustInSoft’s solution is an obvious answer because it greatly increases the confidence in our code by providing necessary proofs. “

Alexandre Hamez, Tech Lead, EasyMile

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