TrustInSoft Box

  Desktop Buy or rent a license of the award-winning TrustInSoft Analyzer technology pre-installed on a workstation. Deploy the technology on your own premises to both reduce cyber risks to your source code and lower the cost of designing safety-critical systems.

TrustInSoft Analyzer as a Service

Use the award-winning TrustInSoft Analyzer technology online to ensure safety and security of your source code—simply pay for your usage.

See TrustInSoft Analyzer in action.



A Taste of Advanced Security in Two Weeks

  Do you want to see the benefits of TrustInSoft Solutions for yourself? Do you want evidence of the quality of your software?

TrustInSoft experts will provide the following over the course of two weeks:

  • A full report on the safety and security of your code base
  • Calculated ROI of the best TIS Analyzer offer to fit your needs
  • A dedicated one-day training session for your engineers, run by our experts

Advanced Source Code Audits

  Your standards; our experts and tools; two options:

  • Pre-Release Audit: two weeks before your release, simply send your code to our team—and relax. TrustInSoft experts will send you the most comprehensive safety & security report possible, including a list of all bugs that were lurking in your source code, waiting for their inevitable transformation into security breaches or uncontrolled behaviors.
  • Subscription-Based Audit: each month, TrustInSoft’s team of experts will examine your code base over the course of one or two days. We’ll help you improve your code base regularly without disturbing your existing development processes.

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