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TrustInSoft is among the 10 most innovative companies in 2015

Back to news Discover TrustInSoft’s pitch and supporting materials TrustInSoft Recognised as a top 10 Innovative Company Thanks to its unique ability to deliver guarantees on software, TrustInSoft has been selected among the 10 most innovative companies in 2015. Here is our pitch. Here are the highlights of RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox 2015 Thank you […]

Looking for undefined behavior in ntpd

Back to news Video demonstration of TrustInSoft Analyzer and the eradication of runtime errors Eradicate NTPD runtime errors This is TrustInSoft Analyzer: it is used by customers since 2014 but no public video was available until now. This is the “Episode 1”: it focuses on one specific usage pattern and does not show-case all of TrustInSoft Analyzer. […]