The Wireshark Challenge: how to ensure the security of open-source projects with formal methods?

Back to news Meeting the security challenges arising from open-source projects with powerful analysis Open-source software is a foundational element of our technological world today. WordPress, Linux, OpenSSL, or Nginx are just some examples of widely-used open-source programs. The large community of developers regularly contributes to the functionalities and security of these programs, libraries, or […]

Dassault Aviation Interview

icon/arrow Back to news Interview with CTO of Dassault Aviation about TrustInSoft Technologies Many thanks go to Bruno Stoufflet, and the Dassault Aviation team for their precious trust, time, and answers. Newsletter Related articles See more news

Achieve ISO-26262 compliance with TrustInSoft Analyzer

icon/arrow Back to news Automatic verification of source code to meet ISO-26262 standard This document describes how to use the TrustInSoft Analyzer platform in order to automatically verify the source code requirements of the ISO-26262 standard. It contains an extract of the ISO-26262 standard that lists all the requirements related to the source code as […]

Variadic Functions in TIS Interpreter

Back to news Program-defined variation functions and the ways they can be misused Working on improving and applying TIS Interpreter, with funding from the CII, we ended up implementing support for program-defined variadic functions. Recently, while applying TIS Interpreter to the musl standard C library implementation, we found one slight violation of the C standard […]

TIS-interpreter progress report

icon/arrow Back to news Improving the interpreter and applying new tests tis-interpreter is a specialized version of Frama-C for interpreting C programs and finding bugs in them. The development of tis-interpreter started from Frama-C’s Value Analysis plug-in, and discarded the possibility of analyzing the behaviors of the program for all inputs. Instead, tis-interpreter monitors the program’s […]