CERT C Benchmark

Back to news What is CERT C & why is it especially relevant to improve code safety, reliability, and security? Table of Contents What is CERT C & why is it especially relevant to improve code safety, reliability, and security? The Benchmark Breakdown Undefined Behavior Only Rules All CERT C Rules Medium-High Severity Rules High […]

Delivering Safety-Critical Software Faster & Cheaper with Exhaustive Static Analysis

Back to news TrustInSoft’s new white paper describes how critical systems developers can guarantee correct functionality and cybersecurity while reducing software verification costs and schedules. Why it’s time to switch to advanced code analysis to ensure the safety and security of critical software In industries like aerospace and defense, nuclear energy and medical devices, the […]

5 Best Practices for Secure Coding & its Role in the Future of Cybersecurity

icon/arrow Back to news A collaborative webinar with TrustInSoft CEO Fabrice Derepas and SCADEMY CEO Zoltan Hornak that explores the future of cybersecurity and the best practices for secure coding Watch the Full Exclusive Interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbgMFLcK4sw Do you know the difference between undefined, unspecificed, and unexpected behavior in your software? What about why (or if) […]

How to protect your code from Pegasus spyware

icon/arrow Back to news Learn how to stop Pegasus-like attacks and protect your code from buffer overflows and other exploitable vulnerabilities Introduction You may have heard of Pegasus, a surveillance software produced by an Israeli company, the NSO Group, for anti-crime and anti-terrorism purposes.     It is back in the news for the alleged spying on 180 […]

What are the software security implications of 5G?

Back to news Interview with telecommunications expert, Theirry Bonhomme Thierry Bonhomme is a renowned expert in the telecommunications industry, having served for over 30 years at Orange Group including most recently as CEO of their B2B branch until 2018 (Orange Business Services.) He was in charge of the development of the division that provides telecommunications […]

The Wireshark Challenge: how to ensure the security of open-source projects with formal methods?

Back to news Meeting the security challenges arising from open-source projects with powerful analysis Open-source software is a foundational element of our technological world today. WordPress, Linux, OpenSSL, or Nginx are just some examples of widely-used open-source programs. The large community of developers regularly contributes to the functionalities and security of these programs, libraries, or […]

GCC always assumes aligned pointer accesses

Back to news Leading to consequences of unexpected program behaviour TL;DR This post shows that modern optimizing C compilers assume that the source code they are compiling respects memory alignment constraints, even if the target architecture imposes no such restriction. This can lead to compiled programs not behaving as the programmer intended. C: The Language […]