TrustInSoft joins HexaTrust


TrustInSoft now joins HexaTrust . The HexaTrust club was founded by a group of French SMEs that are complementary players with expertise in information security systems, cybersecurity and digital trust.

TrustInSoft unique value proposal is the ability to provide guarantees on safety and security of the software. Joining HexaTrust now leverages this value proposal in a more integrated offer, reaches more customers.

Welcome Julien!

julien's photo
TrustInSoft is proud to welcome Julien Cretin as Research Engineer. Julien has just defended his PhD thesis on type systems a few days ago.

Julien’s rigorous approach and expertise of the Coq proof assistant will fit right in at TrustInSoft!

Welcome Anne!

TrustInSoft is proud to welcome Anne Pacalet! Anne will contribute to develop TrustInSoft’s distinctive value proposal: the ability to deliver guarantees on the absence of the most common security flaws in software.


Anne Pacalet

Anne is an expert in cutting edge formal methods. She has been a key designer of innovative validation tools. She was involved in the design of both Caveat and Frama-C platforms. Anne also developed the capacity to master these technologies to deliver efficient validation results on industrial software.