Fast & Serious

TrustInSoft won the “Grand Prize” during the 6WIND “Speed Matters” contest. So we got the nice 50mph green car on the picture! We already knew

TrustInSoft joins HexaTrust

TrustInSoft now joins HexaTrust . The HexaTrust club was founded by a group of French SMEs that are complementary players with expertise in information security

No More Heartbleed

The Heartbleed Bug ( is a severe vulnerability in OpenSSL a popular cryptographic software library. This weakness allows stealing the information protected, by the SSL/TLS

Startup Contest

TrustInSoft is a winner of the 2013 edition of the French national competition of startup creation. The Minister stated: “Je souhaite donc à ces talents d’aujourd’hui


TrustInSoft was founded on May 2nd, 2013. TrustInSoft founders from left to right: Pascal Cuoq, Benjamin Monate and Fabrice Derepas.