Accelerating C and C++ Testing with TrustInSoft’s Trend Reporting

TrustInSoft Analyzer’s Trend Reporting streamlines C and C++ testing, enabling comprehensive analysis, easier progress tracking, and enhanced communication for continuous improvement.

Trend Reporting with TrustInSoft Analyzer

Key Highlights:

  • Combine multiple analysis results for a holistic view with TrustInSoft Trend Reporting. 
  • Easily identify improvements and detect regressions efficiently. 
  • Access detailed, actionable data through intuitive reports. 

Understanding the progress and impact of your testing efforts is crucial. In our latest release of TrustInSoft Analyzer 1.47, the Trend Reporting feature simplifies how developers monitor and improve their code quality over time. 

TrustInSoft Trend Reporting

In a typical setup, each code analysis run is treated as an isolated operation. The new Trend Reporting feature in TrustInSoft Analyzer 1.47 changes this by allowing you to combine the results of multiple discrete analyses into a single comprehensive report. This not only enhances your ability to compare and analyze results but also helps communicate long-term progress to less technical stakeholders by showcasing the overall business value. 

Empowering Continuous Improvement

Large-scale projects involve hundreds of analyses runs as both the code and analysis drivers evolve. The Trend Reporting feature highlights the value and impact of continuous testing efforts by providing an overview of how issues are identified, addressed, and resolved over time. This level of reporting broadens our reach, making it easier to share meaningful statistics and insights at a higher organizational level. 

Simplifying Historical Comparisons

Before the introduction of TrustInSoft Trend Reporting, comparing one analysis run to another was a manual and often overlooked task. Questions such as, “Were there more undefined behaviors (UBs) this month compared to last?” or “How has code coverage improved over time?” required tedious manual comparisons. With TrustInSoft’s integrated Trend Reporting, you can now easily track these metrics, thereby highlighting the long-term value of using TrustInSoft Analyzer and justifying continuous improvements in analysis drivers. 

How TrustInSoft Trend Reporting Works

The Trend Reporting feature enhances your testing process in the following ways: 


  1. Stashing Results: After each analysis run, use the TIS Stash command to save the results. This creates a snapshot of the current analysis, capturing all detected issues and coverage metrics. 
  1. Generating Reports: Run TIS Trend to compile a comprehensive report that includes all stashed snapshots. This HTML report is self-contained, portable, and can be viewed in any web browser or exported to PDF. 
  1. Analyzing Trends: The report offers various tabs to browse through, including charts showing the number of alarms over time, statement coverage, and detailed records of individual analysis runs. These visual insights help you understand the evolution of your project, pinpointing when and how issues were introduced and resolved. 

To see TrustInSoft Trend Reporting in action, watch our detailed demo video where we walk you through a real-world example, showcasing how to set up, run, and analyze your trend reports effectively.  

TrustInSoft’s Trend Reporting feature is a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their software testing strategy. By providing comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports, it helps teams across the organization see the value of continuous testing and improvement efforts. 

Watch the demo and start leveraging the power of Trend Reporting today! 


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