Comprehensive Algorithm Testing with TrustInSoft’s Input Coverage Reporting

TrustInSoft Analyzer 1.47 introduces Input Coverage Reporting, ensuring exhaustive validation of all possible input scenarios while doing comprehensive algorithm testing, enhancing software safety and reliability.

Input Coverage Reporting Demo in orange.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand how TrustInSoft Analyzer 1.47 revolutionizes testing with exhaustive input validation. 
  • See how all possible input scenarios are tested to ensure software safety and compliance. 
  • Experience the capabilities of this feature firsthand through a detailed video demonstration. 

In the world of software development, particularly in critical systems where safety and reliability are paramount, ensuring comprehensive test coverage isn’t just importantit’s mandatory. TrustInSoft input coverage feature enables developers to ship code with the confidence that no undefined behaviors for any possible inputs exist in their code.  

What is Input Coverage?

Input Coverage within TrustInSoft Analyzer 1.47 refers to the capability to analyze and validate all possible input values for a given function or software module. This ensures that every conceivable scenario that could potentially lead to software failure or unexpected behavior is tested and validated. TrustInSoft can expand a limited set of test cases to cover the complete range of input values, offering an exhaustive testing approach that traditional methods might miss. 

The Benefits of Complete Input Generalization

With a 100% generalization rate every potential input combination is tested, from the lowest to the highest possible integer values. By doing so, TrustInSoft Analyzer ensures that there are no “untested” scenarios, thereby significantly reducing the risk of undetected bugs and vulnerabilities. For industries where software reliability can be life threatening—such as automotive, aerospace, and critical—this level of thoroughness is non-negotiable. 

Real-World Application and Reliability

The practical applications of this feature are vast. For instance, in safety-critical systems a single undetected bug could lead to catastrophic outcomes such as the Boeing 737 Max fatal crashes from software causing the planes to nosedive.  

The introduction of TrustInSoft Analyzer 1.47 with its advanced Input Coverage feature is a testament to our commitment to enhancing software reliability and safety. By testing all possible inputs, TrustInSoft not only streamlines the testing process but also elevates the software’s quality and security to new heights while offering peace of mind that the software will perform as intended under any circumstances. 

Request a demo TrustInSoft’s Input Coverage feature in action and discover how it can transform your software testing strategy, ensuring your applications are robust, reliable, and ready for any challenge. 


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