Caroline Guillaume Appointed TrustInSoft CEO

TrustInSoft welcomes former COO Caroline Guillaume as Chief Executive Officer

Caroline Guillaume TrustInSoft CEO

TrustInSoft Announces New CEO

TrustInSoft is delighted to announce a pivotal moment in TrustInSoft’s evolution. Caroline Guillaume has been appointed to the role of TrustInSoft’s new Chief Executive Officer.

As a Co-Founder and CEO since TrustInSoft’s beginnings, our esteemed CEO Fabrice Derepas has made the decision to take on a new role at TrustInSoft as Chief Evangelist, focusing on strategic growth initiatives. TrustInSoft has seen great evolution, growth, and success in software safety, security, and reliability in multiple industries including IoT, automotive, and defense. Fabrice’s guidance has helped develop the innovative and rigorous culture of the company and customer growth that will continue to have a positive impact on the team in his new role.

TrustInSoft is excited to welcome Caroline as she transitions from her role of COO to CEO. Caroline’s background and demonstrated success and leadership during her time at TrustInSoft position TrustInSoft for a smooth transition and executive collaboration.

In her own words, “This is an exciting time to step into the world of challenges and opportunities for the software analysis tools market. We are looking forward to expanding our reach and offerings to make the world a safe, secure, and reliable place – starting directly with the source code.”

Our sincere gratitude remains with Fabrice for his exceptional leadership and commitment to TrustInSoft’s growth and success and we are delighted to welcome him in his new role. TrustInSoft will continue to drive innovation and progress to provide safe, secure, and reliable software across the IoT, automotive, and defense industries with new developments in the new year.


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