Achieving Zero Bug Code: July Silicon Valley ISSA

TrustInSoft CTO & Cofounder Benjamin Monate takes the stage at the Silicon Valley Chapter of ISSA July meeting, presenting on the topic of formal methods, firmware development and obtaining zero bug code.

TrustInSoft CTO and Cofounder on stage at Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus presenting on the topic of Formal Methods and a mathematical proof of zero bug in code

TrustInSoft CTO and Cofounder Benjamin Monate

Formal methods and a mathematical proof of zero bugs in code

TrustInSoft CTO and Cofounder Benjamin Monate had the privilege to present at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus, taking part in the July Silicon Valley – Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) meeting. Benjamin shared his in-depth knowledge of how formal methods are becoming more mainstream in various industries, playing a crucial part in firmware development to enhance its security and safety capabilities.


By providing mathematical rigor and systematic analysis, formal methods enable the detection and prevention of security vulnerabilities, backdoors, and safety hazards. This exhaustive static analysis approach results in a mathematically proven zero bug code with TrustInSoft Analyzer.

The presentation was held both in person and online, with guests also having the opportunity to meet Benjamin for a networking event.

Interested in learning how formal methods work and what benefits exhaustive static analysis brings? Check out the VOD of the presentation available now.

Get in touch with us and see how TrustInSoft Analyzer can provide you high safety and security for your systems.


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