The Future of Source Code Analysis

Learn how exhaustive static analysis with TrustInSoft Analyzer helps you go beyond traditional static analysis techniques.

Graphic with text saying TrustInSoft product webinar: The Future of Static Analysis

Webinar: TrustInSoft an Innovative Analyzer Based on Formal Methods

Certain technologies seem impossible to escape from, and static analysis is one of them. Although modern tools have greatly advanced compared to a decade ago, human involvement remains significant in the testing process. This human element consumes time, money, and is susceptible to errors.

In this webinar, we showcase the power of formal methods through exhaustive static analysis with TrustInSoft Analyzer. 

What you’ll learn:

  • How modern formal methods give unmatched analysis depth & precision of mathematics
  • Why it is recommended for common safety and security compliance
  • How it can turn time-consuming and costly activities (testing) into a business advantage

See why TrustInSoft Analyzer is a tool like no other: It’s based on formal methods, giving the unmatched analysis depth and precision of mathematics while still remaining easy to use. Senior Technical Presales Consultant Olivier Koarch will then explain why TrustInSoft Analyzer is recommended for common safety and security compliance, and, beyond that, how it can turn what is often seen as a time-consuming and costly activity (testing) into a business advantage.

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