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Cybersecurity Awareness Month with TrustInSoft

Graphic text that says: it's time to do you part, to be #CyberSmart. Stay tuned for #CyberMonth, TrustInSoft. Image also shows on the right, inside a computer room, looking at a laptop

October is #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth!

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance created the National Cyber Security Month (NCSAM) in 2003, since renamed Cybersecurity Awareness Month. It takes place every year during October, to ensure safety and security online. Each week has its own theme to focus on different topics in cybersecurity.  Here’s this year’s plan:


The first week aims to highlight the  best cybersecurity practices to keep information safe: doing this, you can Do Your Part and you can finally #BeCyberSmart. 


It’s time to #FightThePhish during the second week: phishing attacks have thrived since 2020 after the spread of COVID pandemic and increase in working from home. People should think before clicking on suspicious emails or links in order to be protected and to keep their information safe and secure. What about cyberattacks that don’t depend on suspicious emails? Stay tuned for TrustInSoft’s contribution to Week 2 on the dangers of more sophisticated cyberattacks that don’t rely on phishing to take control of your systems.


What about being part of this world? During the third week, you’ll discover careers in cybersecurity and be inspired by them. TrustInSoft is #Hiring!


Cybersecurity must be part of everyday life and employees must be trained to use tools to keep their organisation safe and secure. Week four is about being #CybersecurityFirst: aiming to think before making decisions: prevention is better and cheaper than fixing after the fact! Stay tuned to learn more about how TrustInSoft helps software vendors respond to consumer and regulatory  demand for more secure products.


After the White House’s Executive Order on Improving Nation’s Cybersecurity on software development was published (more: see the impacts of the executive order on software development), President Joe Biden stated they’ll recommit to doing their part to secure and protect internet-connected devices. The Executive Order comes at a time of a global movement towards greater cybersecurity in a variety of industries, in the wake of increased cyber attacks. Any kind of disruption or dysfunction related to cyber attacks could have an effect on everyday safety, public health and national and economic security.


TrustInSoft Analyzer can help prevent cyber-attacks by exhaustively detecting security flaws before they can become vulnerabilities, thanks to its use of formal methods made accessible to any C or C++ developer or tester.


Learn more about how to mathematically guarantee your software safety and security here.


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