Meet TrustInSoft at Frama-C & SPARK Day 2019

Frama-C and SPARK day, co-organized with Adacore, CEA List and Inria

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Event: Frama-C & Spark Day 2019

TrustInSoft is honored to take part in the Frama-C and SPARK day, co-organized with Adacore, CEA List and Inria. The event takes place in Paris on June 3rd as part of  Open Source Innovation Spring initiated by the thematic group `Logiciel libre’ of the cluster Systematic-Paris-Region and IRILL (`Initiative de Recherche et Innovation sur le Logiciel Libre’).


This one-day workshop is dedicated to researchers and engineers of the environment of Frama-C and SPARK tools, implemented in academic and industrial fields. One ambition, sharing and discussing research, project results, knowledge and experiences.


During the day our CTO, Benjamin Monate, will give a talk with EasyMile, the pioneer in driverless technology and smart mobility solutions. The fast-growing start-up develops software revolutionizing passenger and goods transportation. They will together share feedbacks on the application of formal methods on EasyMile’s source code.


In addition, keynote and talks will be given around the application of formal verification in the autonomous driving industry, to embedded software, and for safety. Find out more about the day’s line up here: https://www.open-source-innovation-spring.org/2019/frama-c-and-spark-day-2019/.


Want to debrief or interact? Stop by the TrustInSoft booth to share a discussion with us!


To join, freely register here: https://bit.ly/2DA7TXu.


Looking forward to seeing you there!
Frama-C & SPARK Day
Monday, June 3rd 2019
La Fabrique Événementielle
52 ter Rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris


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