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TrustInSoft takes home the prize at the 6WIND Speed Matters contest

promotional image for TrustInSoft at 6WIND speed matters contest which also shows the prize, a car

TrustInSoft won the “Grand Prize” during the 6WIND “Speed Matters” contest. So we got the nice 50mph green car on the picture! We already knew the power of 6WIND software, that can unleash the speed of multicore processors to create incredibly fast telecom equipment with standard hardware.


Now, thanks to TrustInSoft, there is a mathematical assessment of 6WIND software’s tremendous reliability. At TrustInSoft, we have verified that the DPDK component at the core of the software is immune against any cyber-attacks related to memory errors.


Network Function Virtualization (NFV) represents a major shift in the telecommunication and networking industry. Software plays a growing role in making telecom equipment efficient and easy to operate. Ensuring the safety and the security of the software layers, such as 6WIND’s DPDK, that make this revolution possible is a major milestone in having communication services with a guaranteed reliability.



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