Application of Formal Methods to High-Security Requirements Software

Watch this webinar on the application of formal methods to high-security requirements of software presented by ASRG

Application of Formal Methods to High-Security Requirements of Software Webinar with ASRG and TrustInSoft

Watch the Webinar

Watch this webinar hosted by the Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG) to explore how Formal Methods have become a mainstream technology to address safety and security across various industry verticals, including Automotive, Semiconductor, and Consumer Electronics. Learn how this technology enables a Mathematical Guarantee of the absence of technical issues in the source code while offering an efficient solution for software testing and compliance with industry security standards.


Discover the depth of analysis that can be achieved with Formal Methods, and how it’s well-suited for software projects with high-security requirements with senior technical presales consultant Olivier Korach.


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