TrustInSoft help its customers with their cybersecurity concerns: thanks to source code analysis techniques, TrustInSoft’s customers are completely immune to the most common cyber-threats.

Our customers work in the following fields: aeronautics, governmental agencies, military, nuclear reactors, railways, space, telecom. They use our technologies to validate mission critical software.

validation kits

Pre-validated Open Source Software Components

TrustInSoft audits security-critical Open Source and legacy software components. Each audit results in a report that demonstrates the component’s security and helps deploy it in the same configuration it has been verified. more…

Our first validated component is the PolarSSL stack.

TrustInSoft Analyzer

TrustInSoft Analyzer

An advanced static source code analyzer, based on the Frama-C platform. TrustInSoft Analyzer’s difference with competitors is its ability to exhaustively detect all threats of a given kind. This key feature has been recognized by NIST.


Our solutions rely on collaboration between formal method techniques to deliver powerful and efficient solutions for software security analysis.


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