Software Safety & Security Solutions
TrustInSoft provides exhaustive source code analyzers deployed in the following domains:


Our clients make use of our solutions to reduce cyber risks and lower the cost to design safety critical systems. Our solutions validate mission-critical software and eliminate attack vectors, which allows more efficient use of limited resources and reduces liabilities.TrustInSoft can guarantee your software is immune to vulnerabilities such as:

  • Buffer overflows;
  • Memory leaks; and
  • Race conditions.
validation kits

Validated Open Source Software Components

Ideal for clients using open source solutions such as PolarSSL or OpenLDAP, our validation process guarantees immunity against all vulnerabilities of a given kind. The process also provides a detailed installation profile for configuration management. More…

Contact us to discuss projects such as a high-assurance SSL solution, the PolarSSL stack.

TrustInSoft Analyzer

TrustInSoft Analyzer

Ideal for clients building custom software, we provide an advanced static source code analyzer, based on the Frama-C platform, professional services, and consultation.

TrustInSoft Analyzer’s differentiator is its ability to exhaustively detect all vulnerabilities of a given kind. This key feature has been recognized by NIST.

Work with us to validate your custom software solutions and reduce your risk of product recalls, accidents, and lawsuits.


Our solutions rely on a combination of formal method techniques to deliver powerful and efficient solutions for high-assurance software security analysis.


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